Tafheem Ul Islam:-

The Prophet, Muhammad P.B.U.H said, “Seeking the (Obligatory) religious knowledge is an obligation pone every Muslim” Learning the religious knowledge is among the best things that one may spend one’s time doing. The safe path that protects a person and his family from Hellfire is by learning the Islamic knowledge, i.e, learning what Allah SWT made obligatory upon us and learning what Allah SWT ordered us to avoid. “Tafheem Ul Islam” course is principally designed for those students who want to acquire basic knowledge obligatory for a Muslim. It provides an overview of the fundamental elements of classical Islamic learning and spirituality. Students will gain core instruction in the disciplines of Hadith, Islamic law, Beliefs (Aqaa’id), Seerah and Shamail. As well as cover the translation and commentary of the Holy Qur’an.

Topics Being Covered in this Course:-

  • Qur’an translation and Tafseer
  • Introduction and explanation of Ahadith
  • Basic Arabic grammar
  • Islamic Beliefs
  • Islamic Law
  • Islamic History
  • Contemporary issues


“Tafheem Ul Islam” course has been designed to cater to men, working women, students and housewives alike, so we do understand that there may be occasions when you may not be able to attend class for genuine reasons. In such scenarios, we provide recordings so that students may catch up with the classes they have missed. Attendance is regularly marked for this course .In order to qualify for the diploma at the end of 2.5 years, students need to maintain at least 80% attendance.