Qur’an Translation and Tafseer:-

Qur’an is word of Allah. With passage of time, it has become really important for all Muslims to understand Qur’an, not just through words but the meanings behind the words and the context in which a particular verse is mentioned in Qur’an. Our Qur’an Translation and Tafseer program helps in recognizing the message given in the verse, not just its translation. This course is dedicated to cover the translation and commentary of the entire Qur’an. The focus of the program will be two-fold: to understand the meanings and teachings of the Qur’an and to derive practical lessons and insights relevant to daily life – both ultimately with the purpose of increasing our connection with Allah SWT and furthering our spiritual development. The course will begin with introductory sessions devoted to understand the Arabic grammar, field of the Qur’anic sciences, including topics such as the concept, types and causes of revelation, compilation of the Qur’an, and the classical tools and methodology for the proper interpretation of the verses.

Topics Being Covered in this Course:-

  • Basic Arabic grammar
  • Word to word and Ayah to Ayah Translation of Qur’anic verses
  • Comprehensive Description of the difficult words
  • Throwing light in detail on the reasons for the revelation of a particular Ayah and Surah
  • Description of the historical events and instances of past nations associated with the Ayah
  • Explanation and elaboration of the Qur’anic Ayaat with the other interlinked Ayaat in Qur’an, sayings of Holy Prophet, sayings of Sahaba and prominent scholars of Hadith and Fiqh

This course has been divided into three levels to help you progress systematically.

Level 1
In this stage, students will learn the basic Arabic grammar as well as word to word and Ayah to Ayah translation of Holy Qur’an. They will be given brief Description of Qur’anic verses. Our Qualified teachers will throw light on the reasons for the revelation of a particular Ayah and Surah.
Level 2
In this advanced stage, students will be given comprehensive description of the historical events and instances of past nations associated with Qur’anic verses. Our instructors will not only explain the meaning of Aayat but will also compare them with other Aayat to make them more clear and understandable. Moreover, Qur’anic Aayat will be explained with other interlinked Aayat, Ahadith, Sayings of Sahaba and other prominent scholars of Hadith and Fiqh.


“Qur’an Translation and Tafseer’’ course is designed for both male and female student. After completion of this course, students will be able to translate any Qur’anic Aayah. They will also know the contextual meaning of Qur’anic Aayat with Tafseer.